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OURO® is a mexican company that gathers 12 years of experience in the cosmetics industry by developing and marketing an expanding array of silk and hair treatments for professional use, that merge the benefits of carefully selected natural extracts.

The features and benefits of each of the OURO® products comprehensively meet the needs of any type of hair , competing directly with the top brands for its export quality.

Since its inception, OURO® has worked to offer its customers the best advantages for the marketing and distribution of its products through long term and attractive partnerships, and through participation in major Beauty Fairs, coupled with the support of a powerful agent network with a presence throughout the country to ensure efficiency and speed in inventory replenishment .

Thus the OURO® product line has positioned itself as the leading brand in the professional beauty segment, the ideal choice and 100% profitable business with a presence throughout the Mexican Republic also making inroads into the US market with great success and highly competitive prices.

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Brand: Ouro

OuroPlex Extreme Nutritional Hair Care Stylist Kit

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OUROPLEX™ Stylist Kit is the most complete protein hair system for professional use in its category. It allows to reestablish and protect hair strength, structure and integrity.  It is an essential treatment to protect and detoxify hair prior to any extreme chemical process, potencializing the results on hair dying, bleaching, perm, straightening, etc.

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